Sunday 26 January 2020

My first audiobook

I'm a bit of a serial multitasker. I enjoy finding efficiencies by 'creating' time out of nothing. I think that the only real way of gaining time is by finding synergies in activities so that more can be done within the same period of time.

I work with computers quite a bit and it's not uncommon to find me sat at my desk and surrounded by several screens and devices looking a bit like a those security guards in charge of the surveillance cameras. For instance, earlier this morning I had open:
  • Screen 1: An Excel spreadsheet where I was modelling the finance and construction of a small residential development.
  • Screen 2: Football Manager 2020 video game. I don't need to interact much while its matches play out so I just need to keep an eye on the match.
  • iPad: Roger Federer vs. Marton Fucsovics at the Australian Open (on mute).
  • Sound: I had my audiobook playing on the Amazon Audible app.
Normally I would have my music on or perhaps have the sound on the iPad up so I could listen to the commentary and/or the match sounds. This time around I had the audiobook on and I was genuinely surprised at how easy it was to keep track of the book's narrator while everything else was going on. My book was a self-development type book so considering I remember some of the lessons mentioned, I'd say that I did successfully take in the information.

I enjoy reading and I usually read in bed either first thing in the morning if I have time or before I go to bed. With the audiobooks I can now integrate this activity while doing several others!

I've also tried substituting my usual music with the audiobook when running errands around town and I've definitely felt a good level of satisfaction knowing that I was being productive while being productive.

Where have these things been all my life? Now I have yet another reason to keep giving Amazon my money.

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