Monday 8 June 2020

There's no 'good' in goodbye


I don’t know how that word came about but I’d like to know what exactly is so good about it. According to Wiktionary, the term is derived from ‘God be with you’ but that link is too abstract for my liking and is like saying us human beings are derived from jungle tadpoles which may be true but leaving out all the steps in between is a bit inaccurate in real terms.

As each year passes my disposable time reduces and, as a result, I become more selective with who I spend time with if at all. By that logic, the people I spend time with are usually people I enjoy seeing and being with and when the time comes to part ways it’s more ‘bad’ than ‘good’ in my feelings book.

Don’t confuse that with soppiness because I don’t think it’s that at all. If I took away something you liked you wouldn’t necessarily be happy about it (yes, there are exceptions). You may accept it but not be onboard with the idea surely?

I’m not really one to show feelings but I do have them (sometimes). Maybe I need to stop being too over-selective so that every parting moment is not immediately followed up with eager anticipation of the next time we meet. That’s canine behaviour.

Despite having put my thoughts down as words I still don’t know what any of this is.

All I know is that it isn’t ‘good’.

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